Are You Over Paying Your Commercial Personal Property Tax?


Recently, businesses should have received their Commercial Personal Property Assessment Forms. Every year Potts & Company receives calls from our clients to answer questions about how to complete these forms. One of the most frequently asked questions is how to calculate average inventory. This is because some businesses just don’t count their inventory but once a year, if then. But sometimes clients just call the Assessor. The Assessor’s instructions usually result in an overstatement or understatement of inventory.


Pottscast Episode 001 – Introduction


Welcome to the inaugural edition of Pottscast, your source for trusted business advice. I’m your host David Potts.

Pottscast is produced by Potts and Company Certified Public Accountants.
So what is Pottscast? Pottscast is a platform to communicate with our clients and friends and this podcast is the first plank in the platform. Additional planks, or information channels, will include a blog and an e-mail newsletter.

Although Pottscast the podcast and the blog will be available on the internet, it will not be publicized to a wide audience. Again, its purpose is to deliver high quality content for the benefit of Potts and Company’s clients and friends. So if you are not a client or friend of Potts & Company and you stumble across our podcast and blog, it’s OK to listen. But any advice or recommendations you pick up from Pottscast should be discussed with your own CPA before implemented. If you don’t have a CPA, Potts & Company will be glad to work with you. You can call us at 479-648-2846 or email me at

If you are a client of Potts & Company, keep in mind that our podcast discussions, our blog posts, and the articles in our newsletter will be general in nature and not necessarily specific to your own situation. If you feel that a topic relates to you, please make an appointment to discuss the facts and circumstances of your specific situation with me, Joe, Cliff, Leacretia, or Debbie.

What should you expect from Pottscast and why should you listen? What’s in it for you?