A Bad Day

It doesn’t take an earthquake or a tornado to ruin a person’s day. Sometimes things just go wrong.

A client called the office today in a bad mood. He was trying to prepare an invoice to send a customer but was having “computer trouble.” He uses QuickBooks for his bookkeeping software but today his QuickBooks was behaving in an uncooperative way. Every time he tried to enter the area of the software needed to prepare his customer an invoice, the program would crash.

Potts & Company has two of the best QuickBooks consultants in the area. One of the two, Terra, set what she was doing aside and immediately went to this client’s business location to see if she could sort out the trouble.

Terra quickly diagnosed the problem as a corrupt data file. She tried several basic maintenance type operations and decided it would be best just to restore yesterday’s backup of the data file. When she asked for the most recent file backup, the client looked back at her with a blank stare. He had no idea when or where the last backup could be found. What could have been an easy problem to fix just became much more difficult and costly.