Pottscast Episode 001 – Introduction


Welcome to the inaugural edition of Pottscast, your source for trusted business advice. I’m your host David Potts.

Pottscast is produced by Potts and Company Certified Public Accountants.
So what is Pottscast? Pottscast is a platform to communicate with our clients and friends and this podcast is the first plank in the platform. Additional planks, or information channels, will include a blog and an e-mail newsletter.

Although Pottscast the podcast and the blog will be available on the internet, it will not be publicized to a wide audience. Again, its purpose is to deliver high quality content for the benefit of Potts and Company’s clients and friends. So if you are not a client or friend of Potts & Company and you stumble across our podcast and blog, it’s OK to listen. But any advice or recommendations you pick up from Pottscast should be discussed with your own CPA before implemented. If you don’t have a CPA, Potts & Company will be glad to work with you. You can call us at 479-648-2846 or email me at tdavidpotts@pottscast.com.

If you are a client of Potts & Company, keep in mind that our podcast discussions, our blog posts, and the articles in our newsletter will be general in nature and not necessarily specific to your own situation. If you feel that a topic relates to you, please make an appointment to discuss the facts and circumstances of your specific situation with me, Joe, Cliff, Leacretia, or Debbie.

What should you expect from Pottscast and why should you listen? What’s in it for you?
The reason why Potts & Company felt compelled to establish the Pottscast platform was because of the magnitude of the changes already created by our government and the magnitude of the changes expected in 2013 as Congress and the President battle over tax policy and various other regulations. Change is coming and Potts & Company will be working hard to create strategies to mitigate any negative consequences or to take advantage of any opportunities that may result from these changes.

But we want Pottscast to be more than an alarm in response to change. We want Pottscast to provide you expert information that is valuable to you and your business and in the end either make you money or make your life easier.

Now keep in mind were professional accountants not professional broadcasters or journalist. So be patient. I’m sure as we gain more experience producing Pottscast, the quality of the broadcast will get increasingly better.

Quickly, let me introduce you to the Pottscast Team.

Currently there are five of us: Myself, David Potts, Joe Barron, Cliff Peeler, Leacretia Swearingen, and Debbie Hoyl.

Joe Barron, Cliff Peeler and me are the accountants. Joe and I are CPAs with more than 70 years of experience between us. Cliff is a future CPA and you will be hearing his voice much of the time on the podcast version of Pottscast.

Lucretia is a QuickBooks Pro advisor and certified professional bookkeeper. She is a payroll expert and is experienced as a small business owner herself.

Debbie makes Potts and company run efficiently. Her unofficial title is client advocate because she pressures the rest of us to start and complete projects as quickly as possible.

Each of the Pottscast team will be introduce themselves in upcoming Pottscast episodes. And since most of you know me personally, let me give a very short introduction of myself first.

I was bred, born, raised, and educated right here in Fort Smith Arkansas, except for short stent getting my college education at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Growing up I was a Roger’s Ranger, a Darby Ranger, and a Northside Grizzly. I graduated from Northside High School in 1976.

I received my CPA certificate in 1982. So I have been at this business a long time.I am an ABV and a CFF, both specialty accreditations of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

The ABV stands for Accredited in Business Valuation. I appraise the value of businesses. The CFF stands for Certified in Financial Forensics.

I’m also QuickBooks Proadvisor.

Potts & Company has a partnership with CBI-Sunbelt, a business brokerage firm specializing in selling businesses confidentially.This partnership fits well with Potts & Company with our experience and background in business valuation.
We are putting a lot of time and effort in producing Pottscast. That means we want you to listen to Pottscast the podcast, read our blog posts and newsletter articles. So if you will take time and listen to Pottscast, I will make you a promise. If you listen, I promise not to waste your time. We are all busy running a business or just making a living. If you are the type of person interested in the topics Pottscast will cover, you don’t have time to waste. Neither do I.

If you have specific topics or questions you would like for us to answer, please mail them to TDavidPotts@Pottscast.com.

We are excited about producing Pottscast to deliver you high quality and profitable information. Sign up for our RSS feed so that you will be notified as soon as another episode of Pottscast is released. We are scheduled is to record one podcast of Pottscast each week, but since there is so much change expected in the upcoming months, it is possible that episodes might be recorded more frequently. Remember to visit Pottscast.com. If you want to receive our email newsletter, just send me an email to tdavidpotts@pottscast.com or call Debbie at the office. We will make sure you begin receiving a copy..

Till next time. Thanks for listening.