Tempting Technology

Last week, news outlets and the online world were gawking at the latest Apple products. Apple does a nice job of hyping things like this, with the white box building and vague invitations sent out, curiosity was high. The new phone does look great and promises to resolve many issues users find with the current and older versions. There is even now a choice in the size of the phone you want. But none of that held a candle to the other product revealed. The Apple Watch.

It looks like something from Back to the Future, and even Doc Brown would be impressed. The lure is at fever pitch. I didn’t know I needed a watch to handle the things I handle now with my phone. I don’t even know what all it does. But one thing is certain, I need one, right?!

That is the problem with technology. Each software, app, product and gadget use the same exact marketing approach, and it works every time: This will improve your life! And it likely does make it easier; that is until the next generation is available and your life-saver quickly becomes cumbersome and antiquated. 

Be it your personal life or business life, each company makes you want what they offer by promising to deliver the solution to your problems. They tantalize you with what could be, if only…. And it is so easy to be snared with that hook. But bear in mind that right behind that hook is the next.

It is understandable to be enticed by the latest devices, apps and software. We all long for control but need a streamlined, easy-to-use tool. The key is to assess which things meet our actual needs and which ones meet the needs someone declared for us.

I don’t actually worry about how to pay for coffee while on a run and without my wallet. So, the ability to swipe the Apple watch does solve a problem, it’s just not one of mine. I do however spend hours each week working in odd places, away from my desk, trying to read emails and reports on my tiny phone screen. So, the larger display of the iPhone 6 Plus may really improve my productivity on the go.

Is technology good? Yes, it is downright amazing! I cannot imagine life without it. Is every piece of technology going to make you a better you? No, save your money, time and energy, and only seek out the tools that assist you in what you do.