Taxes “Easy to Pay?”

Not your grandfather’s way of settling up!

Coming up with the money to pay the IRS may never get easier, but after many years of paying taxes to the IRS by mail (and receiving refunds from the IRS in the form of Treasury checks in brown envelopes), the IRS enabled the deposit of refunds directly into your bank account several years ago. While some people prefer their refunds by paper check (for reasons tax accountants rarely understand), most people are now receiving their refund, if they have one coming, by direct deposit.

Well, the IRS has now figured out the other side of the coin, so to speak: how to pay the IRS. It has announced the start of its new web-based system, IRS Direct Pay which allows taxpayers to pay their tax bills or make estimated tax payments directly from checking or savings accounts without any fees or pre-registration.

New IRS Commissioner John Koskinen says: “IRS Direct Pay simplifies the payment process, and taxpayers can make a payment from the convenience of a home computer.”