What’s Your Preference? Part 1

Controlling Preference in QuickBooks will save you time.

Setting personal and company wide preferences allows you to customize your workflow to maximize efficiency.

QuickBooks really is an amazing product. In QuickBooks, you can set Preferences to accommodate your personal workflow. To locate Preferences, on the toolbar, choose Edit, then choose Preferences. Once you are in that window, there are a number of personal and companywide settings that you can choose to make your workflow more seamless.

One of my favorite preferences is choosing between the Enter and the Tab keys. My Partner-In-Crime at the office here, and I have different views on which button works best. That’s why QuickBooks is so great. I tend to use the Tab key to move between fields, then QuickBooks records a transactions when I hit Enter. However, my co-worker has some issues with her hand, so the tab key is a little difficult for her to continuously use. Therefore, she likes to press Enter to move between fields, then she’ll use her mouse to click and save a transaction.

QuickBooks automatically lets you tab without having to set it as a preference, but if you want to press enter, you’ll need to tell QuickBooks. To do this, in your Preferences, under General, on the My Preferences tab, you will need to put a checkmark in the box that says ‘Pressing Enter moves between fields’.

This is just a glimpse into Preferences in QuickBooks. Keep checking back for more tips & tricks!